Grateful thoughts

Ten grateful thoughts to close the weekend:

1. Nine months of hard work, five days of quality course delivery, my client is happy, and now I can rest.

2. Fresh cucumbers… yum.

3. Homemade guacamole… yummier!

4. Whiffle ball with my son.

5. Crazy dancing to Bee-bop-a-lu-la with my boys.

6. Church (ideally) is not a gathering place for the perfect, but a rest stop for the weary, a haven for the outcast, a balm for the broken, home for the homeless, family for the orphan… and a challenge for the complacent. Mine is.

7. Blessed are the poor in spirit.

8. Story time!

9. Learning new forms of poetry, immersing myself in words.

10. I am loved. Life is a miracle. (Yes, that is one thought.)


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